Getting Active

We have consciously been trying to get more active now the weather is starting to get better. Don't get me wrong, we love our duvet days but Max seems to get cabin fever after 2 hours so we always try and get out and about. Even if it's just to the park on our scooters that fresh air does us all the world of good. We are trying to become healthier. Not just in our bodies but in knowledge of the world so that we can educate Max on the right things.

Max loves running, jumping, dancing and burning up all that energy. One of his favourite things to do at the moment that isn't dance class is play American Football. Scott is a massive fan so you will guarantee to find them once a day running around throwing the ball to each other on the field next to us.

We want to be active and healthy. And we promise ourselves and Max that each day, no matter the weather we will spend an least an hour outside. From dancing in the sun to jumping in muddy puddles. Nothing beats the outdoors.

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