Max Met McFly

So as may of you know me and Max are massive McFly and McBusted fans. I went and saw them in Bournemouth with my best mate on monday night and felt so guilty for not taking Max that I bought him a gorgeous OMFG tin with some signed goodies in it and a patch to sew on his denim jacket.

Then after working out where the band were staying me and my best friend decided to take Max there the next day to see if we could meet them. After staking out the hotel for a bit (not a stalker) we find out that they aren't leaving the hotel until the afternoon. This results in us dropping off Jess as she has work and racing back with Max to catch a glimpse. By this point there was about 20 people outside the hotel - including some familiar faces from other shows I've been to. 

Then there they were. The boys in all their glory. To say that Max was star stuck is an understatement. They gave him high 5's, hugs and took time to talk to him because of course he's one of the youngest fans! He even told Tom that he wanted to be like him when he grew up which just melted my heart. Though he did chicken out of singing a song for him! Maybe next time. 

Max was so chuffed that he didn't really know what to say after apart from 'Mummy I met McFly, I really met them I did' and give me loads of cuddles. To see the joy on his face was amazing. So much so that I would happily wait with him again to meet them all when they come back next month. 


  1. I am so pleased Max got to meet his heroes! It must have been an incredibly exciting day for him!

  2. Omg no way this is too cute!! Frame these pics!! Adorable xx

  3. Been seeing these pics of your little boy all over twitter, just realised where they've come from! Soo cute!
    How did you work out where they were? I am dying to meet them so much x
    Please let me know how! tweet me