Savouring The Small Moments

When you hear about something tragic happens it hardly ever seems to hit home. Either the person you didn't know, didn't have any emotions towards or didn't admire. When I hear about the tragic passing of Peaches Geldof it made me scared. Not scared that someone had died, more so scared that she was so young and it could happen to anyone. What I have in front of me now can be taken at any second by anything that the body, mind or someone else. The moments I share with Max and Scott could be over in a flash. I held my boys so tight that night that I was so scared to let them go. 

Young people take life for granted. Not in the sense that we throw away moments carelessly, thinking that there will be another around the corner. No we take life for granted because we expect to live until we are old. We expect to outlive our parents, grandparents, watch our children grow up and marry. But in reality that could all be taken. 

So savour the small moments. The times you sit and cuddle, the kisses on the foreheads and the jokes you make with your loved ones. You never know when it might be taken from you. 

Let go of the little distractions
Hold close to the one that you love
Cause we won't all be here this time next year
So while you can. take a picture of us

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