Sing It Kitty!

I bet you've all seen the advert? The little girl with her cat in her basket blaring out "We Built This City". We sure love it in the Castle household! That girl and cat have enough attitude and sass that we all secretly want to ride around on the bike ourselves. And with over 5 million hits in a month you can tell that the world is falling in love with this ad too!

Three were ever so kind to send us a few Kitty goodies to keep our obsessions tiding over. This included a ticket/card wallet which will be great for our oyster cards when me and Scott head to London at the weekend. Some lenses for my Iphone so that I could create amazing photos and videos (the fish eye one is ACE!). And finally an Iphone 5s case so I can literally spread my love for that adorable kitty.

Even better. To fuel your addiction for that superb song and kitty you can create your own version of the video using the site Sing It Kitty! This site takes a photo of your face and animates it in place of the little girl. A bit like those novelty elf videos you can do at Christmas - But so much better!

I may have done one myself. And shown it to Scott more than once! You can view it by clicking this link!

Have you made a kitty video yet? If so then let me know by sharing the link here or tweeting using the hashtag #singitkitty

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