The Dinosaurs Are Coming!

This easter the dinosaurs seem to be taking over. From Walking With Dinosaurs in the cinema to lots of dino themed things filling the shops, it's like they've been resurrected!

My work is situated on a complex with loads of other shops called Castlepoint, situated just outside Bournemouth town centre and this easter we have been invaded! Slowly but surely dinosaurs have been appearing across the compex. From baby ones hidden in shop windows to massive ones that terrify me when I finish at night time! They have cut no corners in providing customers with an experience to remember.

So on Saturday we decided to go dino hunting and find all of them. Big and little all over the complex. Max was so thrilled. He's been dying to see them all up close since we saw them arrive on the back of a massive lorry (sorry kid for ruining it for you haha). Wrapped up in beware and danger tape these dinos are ginormous and getting too close is pretty creepy. Max had no fear however and gave them gentle pats whilst roaring as loud as he could.

Alongside the dinos there were the wonderful people over at Wild World Reptiles showing off some of their amazing collection. Not being one to shy away Max went straight up and stroked all of them; even this Tegu which I thought was pretty damn cute but creepy! He was also smitten with Bob the bearded dragon. Wild World Reptiles are more than just a shop though, they also host parties where the guests can learn about reptiles, handling, looking after them and of course getting to pet them!

This coming week the fun doesn't stop. There's crafts, the reptiles are returning and there is a surprise guest...A real life Velociraptor (well kinda!) So I'm definitely going to be heading back with Max for that.

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