The little things

We very rarely get one of those days where everything goes perfect. But Wednesday was one of those days. We decided we wanted to do something we hadn't done in a while. So of course we headed to our favourite not so soft play Treehouse Family Play. 

I've blogged about this place a lot in the past and on Wednesday it was no different. Max immersed himself in the climbing frame, occasionally getting daddy to help him. Whilst me and Scott indulged in great coffee and my favourite banana and strawberry smoothie (pink panther if you go in there!)

Of course we had some food and Scott and Max enjoyed sandwiches and toasties that were better than mums! So I've been told.. And I had a scrummy jacket potato which was massive and definitely filled me up. 

Max took a shine to the dressing up box more than usual, first donning a doctors uniform with a police hat whilst shouting 'what seems to be the problem?' at everyone. And finally dressing like a gorgeous fairy princess batman before jumping back into the play area and climbing right to the top with no fear at all. 

It's one of our favourite places to go in Bournemouth and I sure know we will miss it dearly if we move. If not for the giant Lego wall and free classes but for the wonderful atmosphere. 


  1. fairy princess batman rocks! This place sounds amazing, if we're ever in the area will definitely try and visit!

    Lauren | Belle du Brighton x

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