What I've Been Up To

It seems I took a bit of an impromptu hiatus this past week. Please don't fret. I didn't disappear of the face of the blogging earth. In fact if you have been following me on Instagram and Twitter then you will know that I've been busy working hard at two stores this week.

On Friday we had the grand opening on the new Waterstones store in Ringwood. Whilst it's a dream to work there it was fascinating to watch it develop from a bare shell on Monday to a fully fledged book store by Friday. From putting the shelves in place on Monday (It's really hard to work out how tall they need to be for books by the way!) to filling them with stock on Tuesday. By Wednesday - my last day on the building site - it looked like a beautiful store.

Of course we had to pop into the store on Friday for the grand opening so Max could test drive the slide. Oh yeah, there's a slide in store! Not to mention a magnetic chalk board too. The perfect destination for families to buy books. And after running up and down many times and drawing faces that look a bit like potatoes we knew that it was a success!

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