#morrisonsmum and Britmums

This bank holiday weekend we were set a challenge by Britmums and Morrisons to see what we could serve up with some vouchers they sent us.

Morrisons have recently slashed their prices on everyday items from bread rolls to bacon. These aren't short term offers either, they are here to stay! So when I turned up to mu local Morrisons I was really surprised about the amount that we could actually get for our money. In fact we went back several times over the weekend as we just couldn't spend the vouchers all in one go! Normally our weekly shop is about £40 but surprisingly we managed to whittle it down to £30 so will definitely be going there for the basics and treats.

We loved having a great chat with the fishmonger who helped us work out how much we would need for our recipe and what fish was best to use. I never knew that the staff were so knowledgable and the guys on the checkouts even joked around with Max which is a bonus for me as he get's so bored shopping normally!

We originally had planned for a picnic with our parent friends but due to illness and other plans things got changed so me and Max decided to make a great treat for us whilst daddy was at work so he could have some when he got back!

Mamas fish bites with chips and peas
(to feed 3 people)

200g fresh cod pieces
3 slices of day old bread
1 egg

In a bowl beat the egg.
Whizz up the breadcrumbs with a blender and pop in a big bowl with a bit of salt.
Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and add the oven chips in.
Take a fish piece, dip in the egg until it's liberally coated and then do the same in the breadcrumbs.
Pop onto a tray and continue until it has all been coated. 
Add to the oven for 12-15 minutes until the fish is flaky in the middle.

Serve with chips and peas. Max had a dollop of ketchup whilst I had some tartare sauce. Max loved coating the fish himself and was so proud of the pieces he did that he couldn't wait to eat it all up. It's one of the first meals that he inhaled without prompting. They are also so easy to make too meaning we can whip a batch up in 10 minutes ready for dinner!

The costing was: £1.80 for the fish, 10p for the egg, 5p for the bread, 70p for the chips and 30p for the peas (this was a rough estimate based on the portions of the packets we used) so for under £3 for 3 people it is a fantastic dish made of fresh fish and veg.

We also made our favourite dessert...Eton Mess! We have a bit of an obsession with strawberries and mixed with cream and meringue is the best of everything sweet and fruity. Perfect for a bank holiday weekend as one batch lasts us a few days. 

We had a great weekend not only stuffing our faces but spending time together at the local fete and visiting family. We hope you had a fabulous bank holiday weekend too!

Disclosure: we were sent the vouchers for review purposes. 


  1. Ooo looks tasty!


  2. Ooo I may have to try the fish bites with my littke boy as they sound yummy!
    Eton mess is our fave pudding too especially as my son is a complete strawberry monster lol!


  3. Love it when a child gets involved in cookery. Thanks for sharing your Morrisons experience. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part