Pirate Gran- Poole Lighthouse

We are massive theatre geeks in this house, and when we got asked if we wanted to go and see Pirate Gran of course we jumped at the opportunity. Max has seen theatre pretty much his whole life, starting from appearing in it at 6 months old all the way up to watching performances at Butlins. The stage is captivating for him and to add some visuals and music to it is even better.

Personally I think that theatre is something that more children should get involved with. It helps with imagination, creativity and skills that normally get shoved behind academics, even at a young age.

Pirate Gran is based on the book of the same name and tells the tale of dear old gran. You would have never guessed that under all the baking and knitting she's a pirate through and through. When the grandkids (or should that be grandpirates) beg her to take them to the pirate equivalent of the olympics you know that fun things will happen.

Did I forget to mention that Gan has a pet called Nipper? He's a bit of a nibbler. He's also a crocodile!

This show was amazing. A cast of 4, minimal set that worked as multiple props and audience participation always makes for an interesting show and this was just that. Max was roaring with laughter and squealing at every moment, whilst me and Scott chuckled along with the jokes that parents found just as funny for different reasons.

The set was fantastic, one back board and some multi-purpose furniture made this a great show that kids and adults find fascinating. The hour that it was on for shot by in the blink of an eye and has me begging to go to more theatre soon!

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