Sun dad!

A very belated hello again. All I can do is apologise, dad things and job things took over for the time being that I missed all my deadlines.

As parents we do ask for a lot of leniency with deadlines. In ways, we are a little entitled to some flexibility. Most tasks in life demand juggling between parenthood and, well, everything else. Even then, time is lost and important things slip your mind. I believe we deserve some forgiveness for some mistakes we make.
What I've done is compiled a list of a few things I believe we deserve some forgiveness for. Feel free to chip in if things are forgotten:

1) Being late to anywhere ever - because no matter how much time you give yours to be on time, kids know how to just eat it all up.

2) Missed calls - Because if you didn't let your child watch that video one more time, you would be living with tinnitus.

3) Not going to see that thing that everyone messaged you to say 'you've got to go see it!' - Sure, let me just pop that in my invisible diary and contact that imaginary babysitter that is always so available...well, guess I'll find out what happened when you all post it on social media! It's like I already watched it.

4) Having a messy place - Because your place has a top speed of 0-ruined in 60 seconds with damage you can measure in price.

5) Laying down ground rules to visitors - Yes, I would like you to take your shoes off in our place and no sweets in the house for a peace of mind you would not understand.

6) Language restraints - I don't want my child repeating these things in an open environment, so yes that's a big fucking no to your language!

7) My child having a temper tantrum - Yes, I have tried making them quiet, sorry for my child having an opinion and personality. No, I don't need your advice, you were the same at that age, so show some humility.

8) Banning food and drinks from my child - If you want to know how I feel about you drunkenly offering my child the dregs from your beer bottle, please identify the daggers from my eyes drawing ever closer to your FACE!

9) Tiredness - If only I could show you the night I had to accept your snide remark about looking tired. Don't make me go full Hulk on your life.

10) Zoning out - It's hard to care a lot about whatever you just said without knowing whatever I'm returning home to.

11) Forgetfulness - In cases of what was just said, birthdays, names, my children refer to number 10.

And finally...

12) Not apologising - You know what? Judge how you will! You may be policed by small minded things, but what I do have amongst my trials and tribulations is a happiness you simply cannot fathom. I love my life, I'm proud of my child(ren) and I may not be perfect, but I'm doing a heck of a job and there's nothing you can do to break my will.

I hope this makes up for the missing posts. Stay well, stay positive and most of all, enjoy yourselves.

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