The Butlins Diner.

Butlins always have something new up their sleeve to impress their customers with and this gem is no exception. Nestled away from the Skyline Pavilion is a gorgeous 50's inspired diner. One where you go in there and feel like you have been transformed into Grease characters. 

We slid into a booth and browsed a menu full of burgers, hot dogs and ice cream milkshakes. Let's just say there is no scrimping on the milkshakes, they are divine and so wonderful! The walls are plastered in iconic photos and gorgeous graphics reminding us that we are in a fun place that is full of great things.  

The food is filling, great tasting and comes served in baskets filled with fries and salad. Price wise the dishes range from £6 up to £12 depending on what you want to indulge on. We went for hot dogs which fell in the £7 price range, for the price you got more than enough for your buck! Soft brioche buns and smothered in sauce you want to inhale it because it tastes so good!

Once we stuffed ourselves silly we realised that we didn't want any puds but they all sounded amazing. We settled on a compromise. For less than £2 you can pick up this adorable egg cup profiterole, a single cream filled bun profiterole with a drizzle of chocolate sauce served in an egg cup that you get to take home with you after! Yep you get a souvenir with your dinner, you heard it here first. 

One thing I haven't mentioned yet that is better than the food and the gorgeous venue...The AMAZING singing waitresses. Every 20-30 minutes the lights change, the jukebox rocks and it's time for the amazing girls (and guys) to take to the floor and serenade us with their amazing voices and dance moves. 

Max fell in love with one of the gorgeous girls, blowing her kisses and dancing with her, begging us to return each night; we didn't to his dismay. Twirling in the fab frocks (that my carry on family actually made for them!) you get swept up in the moment and forget you are on a holiday resort, in the 21st century.

If you are heading to Bognor Butlins then please make this one food trip you will make. I promise you that you won't be disappointed. 

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