Butlins Tips for Families.

Alas this is my final post as a Butlins Ambassador. We loved our holiday and can't wait until we can book again and return! For my final post I am going to give you a few tips we learnt from preparing and going on our holiday so a few of you don't miss out on anything. 

Before Your Holiday
  • If you are going during a school holiday, book your adrenaline passes well in advance, these are there to give you guaranteed access to the paid for activities on site. This is great for the older kids that don't particularly want to see the shows aimed at the preschoolers.
  • Same advice goes for the B-Line passes. These allow you early entry into the centre stage which can get really busy at peak times before the shows. Giving yourself that bit of extra time allows you to settle down before the crowds descend.
  • Download the Butlins App. This shows you what is going on during your stay, a site map and any contact information you may need. We used it to give us a rough idea about what we wanted to see, when it was happening and remind us throughout the holiday of the moments we didn't want to forget.

During Your Holiday
  • Don't rush to see the kid's shows immediately. Most of them are repeated again later in the week so take your time to enjoy your break!
  • If you have a dining plan book your meals as soon as you get there, the popular time slots get booked up fast and you don't want to miss out.
  • Most of the hotels have dedicated swimming times where you can go and swim for an hour before the rest of the resort joins you. This is great for the smaller members of the family.
  • Know the closing times of things such as the funfair, tots fair, soft play and Scoop. These close at around 5:00 each day so it's best to know to save any disappointment.
  • Book any character theatre tickets as soon as you get there. These shows are magical and well worth the cost of the tickets.
  • If you want to attend any of the meet and greets with any characters then it's wise to get someone in the party to start queuing about 15-20 minutes before it happens (right next to the skyline stage) as it can get really busy and the time is limited. 

  • Don't forget things such as Tots Soccer, these have experienced professionals teaching and gets the kids and parents involved together. It's a great time to step away from the hustle and bustle of the Skyline.
  • We booked early dinners and went back to the hotel after to prep for the evening, this meant filling our bag with a blanket for Max and popping him in some trackie bottoms and a tshirt. We also took the buggy so he could relax in it at the Centre Stage when the evening events were on and potentially fall asleep.
  • The cheapest souvenir we found was the Butlins egg cup which is part of the dessert at the Diner. It's a great talking piece and brings back loads of memories for Max when we serve him dippy egg and soldiers.
  • Don't forget to take a photo on the giant Butlins deck chair! You'll regret it if you don't.
  • Finally take photos, smile, laugh and enjoy yourself. You are on holiday and the Butlins staff are there to make sure it's one you never forget!

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  1. Some great tips thanks we're going in sept can't wait:)