Here Come The Dinosaurs at Marwell Zoo!

Marwell has been taken over! And not by animals. But dinosaurs! This summer the prehistoric creatures have invaded all the corners of Marwell.

When we were at the Sunset party we got a first peek at these amazing creatures. Not only are they giant and realistic looking, they are also animatronic and move about, roar and even spray water at unsuspecting people. 

There is a great dinosaur trail that allows the children to run around the park ticking off the dinosaurs that they find. This is a great break from staring at animals and makes the day at Marwell a whole lot longer. 

Part way down there is a cool deconstructed dino with buttons that allow the children (and big kids) to play moving the dinos themselves showing you how these magnificent creatures have come to life. 

The creme de la creme? The giant T-Rex at the back of the zoo. First you hear it, then you see it creeping between the trees. Finally you see it standing as tall as a two storey house looming at you. It transports you to Jurassic Park and you have to double take if you should run of stare in awe.

This summer Marwell is definitely a place to go, you get a lot of attractions for your money and an amazing day out. 

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