Honeybrook Farm

We live in a great area that has access to loads of green areas, country parks and farms. Whilst we pride ourselves on the fact we have been to most of these we were still waiting for the perfect moment to visit Honeybrook Farm. We had heard so many good things about it and when Max's best friend Kayden and his family invited us to head down we couldn't say no.

We turned up a little later than we would normally for a day out at 2:00 hoping to have loads of activities still available but found that despite it being a weekend that most of the events had ended for the day. Something we were a bit disappointed in but tried to continue with our day nonetheless.

The boys went wild in the outdoor play area going on the slides, climbing frames and zip wires. Us parents took a seat and looked at the map. Honeybrook covers a massive area and we decided that the path trail was too far for us to walk with two little ones and a buggy so we stuck with the main centre. 

They have a small water feature that doubles as a splash zone, had we known about this we would have taken some towels but the boys still had a great time running through and getting soaked. After they had a dry off in the sun and went jumping on the big air pad. It looked like a bouncy castle that had grown from the ground. The kids were more than impressed and spent their time attacking the dads!

After realising that we weren't going to see any animals we decided to call it a day and had an ice cream in the cafe and a play in the soft play before going home. I wasn't too impressed with the soft play. It seemed out dated and didn't even have a slide, there was just a foam area for the infants with some giant bean bags which didn't really catch Oscar's attention at all and it seemed a bit neglected amongst everything else. 

I'm not trying to say that Honeybrook is a bad place to go, infact if we had spent the whole day there, taken a picnic and done a bit of research we may have enjoyed it. But knowing that for a couple of pounds more we can go to a rival farm down the road that I know is great for all ages makes me think they have a lot of work to do to get to the standard for what they are charging. 

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