House Of Fraser - Children's Perfect Party

Max is a complete rocker. It might be something to do with the abundance of gigs and festivals I attended when pregnant (I'll tell him about going into labour at a Gallows gig in the future!) or it might be that we have brought him up listening to our favourites. Shunning the nursery rhymes for Mcfly in the car.

So when House Of Fraser approached us to style an outfit for our perfect party we knew exactly what Max would pick. A festival party. Complete with instruments and a mini stage so he can perform to his hearts content. Not to mention twinkly lights and a mass of mud!

When we received the clothes Max was so excited he put them on straight away, shouting that his boots were just like mummy's and his polo was like a school top (sob- not ready for that moment). We teamed it all with a massive pair of sunglasses and went out to do a performance for the neighbours complete with microphone, guitar and ukulele. They loved it obviously. 

We loved Max's performance and can't wait until it's his birthday and we can make his dream a reality (may be look at hiring out a hall with a stage!). In the meanwhile this is a sure fire party outfit. Wellys that are perfect for the ever changing weather and clothes that are lightweight and smart for any occasion.

House Of Fraser have a whole host of different outfits for the whole family. What would you pick?