Little Dish British Lamb Hotpot.

As I've written before, I love Little Dish. Full of 100% natural ingredients, these dishes are perfect for the little ones in your life at dinner time. Not only do they all contain at least one of your five a day they are also the only ready meal that my little boy will actually eat!

To coincide with a little prince's first birthday, Little Dish have created a new dish called British Lamb Hotpot to celebrate with him. Included is 2 portions of veg, yummy lamb mince and sliced potatoes. 

As with all Little Dish meals there is a fab colouring in sheet on the inside of the cardboard sleeve. Perfect for them to scribble on when their meal is in the microwave. Max has a prince and princess week at preschool this week so this was perfect to get into the royal spirit of things.

There is also some great information for parents, filling you in on all you need to know about Little Dish and also the great charity Kid's Company that they are working with. Proceeds from each meal goes to the charity to help provide hot meals for those UK children that would otherwise go without.

The meal itself is jam packed full of flavour, similar to what I would make at home. It's great to get Max to try new things which I wouldn't normally cook for dinner. He wolfs it all down as it's got all his favourite things in and just as yummy as mummys!

Little Dish meals can be found in the chilled section of most supermarkets and on Ocado priced for £2.50 each.

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