Marwell's Sunset Party In The Park

We were invited to Marwell Zoo last week to attend their sunset party in the park. A celebration of summer hitting with late night entertainment and animals out late in the evening. We love Marwell so couldn't wait to get down there and experience it at sunset. 

Alongside the awesome animals that you could go and see, there were also loads of activities for families to take part in. A group of fire jugglers amazed us all by eating and dancing with fire. Max was awestruck and it took us a while to remind him not to try it at home!

There was a selection of music, from a steel band as you entered to a stilt walking band nestled next to the massive house. An array of inflatable obstacle courses gave parents five minutes to try some wine.

Finally there were a few giant creatures roaming around the park. Penguins that had been on holiday and pigeons that pecked unsuspecting passers by made kids shriek with glee. 

It truly was a magical night that we won't forget in a hurry.

Oh not to mention all the dinosaurs that seem to have taken over. But that's for the next post!

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