Mini Threads //001

Me and my gorgeous friend Jess love kid's clothes. Not only that but we love seeing what everyone else dresses their kids in. Which is why we have come up with a great fortnightly linky for parents to share their favourite outfit with the blogging community and beyond so we can all get a bit of style inspiration!

So join up your favourite outfit, give us a bit of background on where they wore it, what they were doing and most importantly where you can get it! Finally link your post on either mine or Jess' site for everyone to see.

Top: Nirvana for Next
Leggings: H&M Basics
Shoes: Superman - Junk Food for Gap

Every week we head off to dance class. Something that is great for me and Max to bond over without daddy and something that we love to show off after we have finished. We have got a bit of a routine of taking photos outside each week, much to the embarrassment of the other parents (if only they knew!) Max gets a bit of stick for wearing leggings but he loves them as they are so easy to dance in compared to jeans. I picked up the top and shoes in the sales of the shops and Max has worn them to death as Nirvana are one of his favourite bands and the shoes are just too cool.

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  1. Finally!! So glad we've teamed up. We're a pretty awesome team. Love you, Mama.