Scoop, Butlins

One of the newest additions to Butlins is their ice cream parlour Scoop. Bright pink and covered with cows you can't miss it tucked behind the skyline pavillion, nor the gorgeous smell of ice cream as you walk past! It's only open until 5:30 most days so we decided to have an ice cream one morning after a long swimming session. 

There is every flavour you can imagine. Sorbets that are filled with fruit, sweet treats that are full of home comforts and sprinkles galore. It was a tough choice but Max went for strawberry milkshake with sprinkles whilst Scott favoured Oreo and I went for the cookie dough. Let's just say they were sublime! Better than shop bought ice creams, gorgeous and filling. I didn't want my scoop to end! And let's say I was a bit gutted that we only went there on the last day. But slightly happy as my weight would have been double by the time we left haha!

Scoop is the perfect place to get an ice cream, especially seeing as you are a stones throw away from the beach meaning that you can have the perfect holiday treat. I urge you to go and try one of these gorgeous ice creams. And don't blame me when you have to go back for more!

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