Turner's Restaurant- Butlins

When we looked at the list of restaurants on offer at Butlins we knew that we were desperate to try Turner's, the restaurant that was founded by Brian Turner, an award winning chef. Whilst this is at the top end of the dining spectrum at Butlins it didn't feel like we were too far away from the action, nor did it feel like it wasn't family friendly.

The restaurant itself is gorgeous, rustic and vintage with a wholesome feel. You step in there and find trees printed on the walls, mason jars hanging from the ceiling and with a slight air of wanting to steal it all for that perfect pinterest home you are creating in your mind. 

The menu itself is built around home comfort food with a more upmarket edge, whilst I was toying with having bangers and mash, Scott chose to have the pork pie before we had even sat down and Max was amazed by the fact he could build his own meal, picking from what veg he had to choosing mash potato over chips. The reverse of the kid's menu was an origami classic that helped you pick what dessert to have too!

After we had finally chosen we got given a tray of warm bread and butter whilst we were waiting for our mains. They boys said this bread was gorgeous (I can't eat bread) and certainly got them in the mood for their mains. 

The mains themselves were amazing. The pork pies (I had one too!) came out on a bed of mushy peas and beans. A thick pastry crust and a huge hunk of gammon inside made is sublime. Along side it we had a bowl of fresh veg that we all shared. Max wolfed his food down before we could even take a photo. Scott said that it was his favourite pie he had ever tasted and in no way will he be able to eat a pork pie again knowing it could taste that amazing. And that's saying something!

Finally we were a bit stuffed by the end of the meal but all wanted to treat ourselves to a dessert. Looking at the menu we all knew before even saying it. The eton mess is one of our favourite desserts and was going to fill up those final cracks in our stomach before a night of amazing entertainment. This was definitely Max's favourite!

The price of Turner's might be a bit off putting once you get to Butlins but the price is totally justifiable when you bite into that amazing food, it's worth every penny and Scott was gutted that we had already booked our last few meals of the week as he wanted to return! Amongst all the hustle and bustly of Butlins, it's a perfect place to nestle if you want a relaxing meal on your holiday. 


  1. mmmm pork pie mushy beans and beans - delish!! that pudding wouldn't go amiss here either ;-)

  2. THAT food looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Maybe I should make a trip to Butlins some time soon!
    Thank you for this post!


  3. You're making me feel very hungry. It's 2.30pm and I haven't had lunch yet! What a great idea to get kids to 'create their own' meal. Butlins obviously knows what makes kids tick!