Our top 5 TV shows on Netflix

We are self confessed TV series junkies. We will happily shut the world off each evening and sit for hours catching up on our favourite shows. And since discovering Netflix we have found some amazing treats we would never have thought of watching! Here are our top 5 (in no particular order!) 

Arrested Development
There is something spectacular about a show that has continuous one liners, pop culture references that are still being mentioned today and a young Michael Cera.
We got told to watch Arrested Development by some uni friends and let's just say it doesn't disappoint. I love the fact that Netflix commissioned a series about our favourite Bluth family to help the withdrawal symptoms.
If you love comedy then this is great, the episodes are short so you manage to fly through them pretty easily and you won't help but shout "No Touching!!!" at anyone in the street.

Breaking Bad
If you haven't heard of this show then you are living under a rock. One of the best written series in a ridiculously long time. Even Scott was left gob smacked at the end and he's a scripty! This tells the story of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and a hell of a lot of drugs. I don't want to spoil it if you are one of the strange people that haven't watched it but OH MY GOD get on it! This is great if you love anything gritty, don't mind a bit of blood and love to see the dad from Malcolm In The Middle do something other than prance around.  

If I had to pinpoint a series that I was in love with long after I finished watching it then this would probably be it. Chuck tells the tale of a nice, normal guy who ends up with all the government secrets in his head. Sound fun? Well it's also a spy series with some romance, geek talk and Captain Awesome. This series wrapped up at the end of season 5 like all good series do and there are talks of making a movie. I mean who wouldn't want to see Zachary Levi in a suit again!

The League
The League is a hilarious series based around middle age men and women and a fantasy football league. Don't like American Football? Give it a go! Imagine The Office but about fighting each other to win the Shiva Cup. Its got a cast full of stand up comedians that will have you laughing at parental mishaps, relationship problems and Taco (you need to watch it to understand the hilarity of Taco). It runs for the length of the season of NFL and contains loads of references and guest spots from players themselves which is awesome.  

Orange Is The New Black
I loved Weeds so knew that I would love this instantly. It tells the story of Piper, a woman who is engaged, has a great job and great friends who suddenly ends up in prison for something that happened years ago. Obviously being somewhere you are unsure of isn't the best but being in prison is something else. The colourful cast of personalities in the show is amazing. Crazy eyes is definitely my favourite, closely followed by Nicky. But this is one of those shows where the back stories of each character are almost more meaningful than the current time. Learning about how these women ended up in the same place is so insightful and the cast only enhance that. 

So those are my top 5, what are yours? 

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