The Facebook Vortex

For some reason I ended up in a Facebook vortex the other day. One of those where you come across all those people you went to school with. The ones that you were friends with, the ones that made your life hell. One of those. Where you think to yourself, shit things have changed.

I came across the ones with kids, similar ages to mine and I admired their strength as young parents. How they managed to hold it together when there are so many judgemental people out there. The single parents, the married ones, the ones that are probably struggling but doing their thing for the sake of their children.

I came across the jet setters that seemed to see the world on their parent's credit cards. The ones that were always the most popular and wore the best clothes. How their photos looked so indulgent, with houses in London and those jobs most of us can only dream of.

I came across the ones that didn't do well at school, the ones that were in trouble and struggled with issues. I saw them with smiles and doing something productive. Stronger than most would have expected them to be.

I came across the ones that we all knew would succeed, the ones that will probably be running for prime minister in ten years time. And I thought proud in the knowledge that despite our school being shit that something good can come out of it.

And then I ended up back at me. And through the whirlwind of emotions it made me realise. My situation wasn't what I planned, nor was it what I expected it to be. But I'm okay with that. Things will change. Some days it will get better and some days it will be worse off. But I have more than I could have ever wished for in Max and Scott.

“Nothing's wrong. Everything's right. Things couldn't be righter. Things could be less tired. They could be less busy. They could be less caffeinated. But they couldn't be righter. ” 
- John Green, Will Grayson Will Grayson

And I just have to remind myself of that quote, remind myself that nothing is wrong. The situation I am in is not affected or influenced by any of those people, nor do they have the right to judge my situation. And just like that I close the Facebook vortex and appear back in the real world, my real world.