The Stable - Poole

Last weekend we were invited over to The Stable in Poole for lunch. Having only recently opened and hearing so much about it we jumped at the opportunity. I mean who doesn't love a menu full of cider and pizza? Tucked away on Poole Quay, The Stable enticed us with it's gorgeous rustic style decor and a great soundtrack of City and Colour that seemed to fit perfectly with the vibe that was going on whilst we looked out over the water. 

Looking at the menu there was so much to choose from. Each pizza had a local name, featured as many local ingredients as possible and came with the option of going on a gluten free base (yippeeeee!). I went for the margarita with a gluten free base. I'm not too adventurous when it comes to pizza as I'm always wary of the gluten bases never being made right. Scott went for the Denhay Delight, a mix of bacon, mushrooms and mozzarella and topped with an egg!   

In regards to kids choices they had some different pizzas with a side dish of veggie fingers (cut carrot sticks and cucumber) and a baby cider (apple juice) for a great meal deal price. Max went for the hawaiian pizza. He's got a big thing for pineapple at the moment. 

There were over 50 ciders to choose from that Scott had no idea what he was going to pick. In the end he went for the cider tasting board. It featured five 200ml glasses of different ciders which is always changing. This was great as Scott was so stuck for choice and he now has a few new favourites. This was only £7.50 so perfect for sharing with friends or giving a few different things a go without committing to a whole pint!

The pizzas were amazing. Scott couldn't eat his quick enough whilst Max devoured the topping (he also enjoyed cutting it with the pizza cutter- with help of course!). Mine was the best gluten free pizza I have eaten in a long time. A thin base with a perfect amount of topping. It felt like I wasn't missing out or being left with the rubbish base as it was so light and crispy. 

We were way too stuffed to eat anything off the dessert menu but had a peek and saw some gorgeous mixes of cheesecakes and ice creams. We also saw on the way out that there was an ice cream booth for the public but it wasn't advertised indoors and was tucked away around the corner. 

Despite the lack of dessert (we ate too much pizza! Our faults) We had an amazing time at The Stable. It's one of those places that you can really have fun with friends and family, relax and enjoy yourselves. Not to mention try the amazing cider on offer. 

The weekend we went was the same weekend as the Poole Folk Festival, a host of great acts were along the quay and in the pubs. A perfect soundtrack to a perfect meal!

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  1. You totally had me at Pizza and Cider lol!!! Those pizza's look delcious im gutted I live so far away! x