A lazy list for a wet summers day.

So summer is over or so it seems. The rain is drenching you as much as that ice bucket challenge did and you are so fed up with soft plays filled with screaming kids galore. But wait, there is still time left of the summer holidays. That means coming up with something that isn't going to the splash park and eating your weight in ice cream! Here are a few things you could do instead (or not- I don't blame you if you don't!):

  • Go to the park. I took Max in the pouring rain. He thought he was a rockstar doing Busted jumps in all the puddles. I may have cursed once we got home and realised he had a pint of water in his wellies though. Still, he might get a job because Charlie Simpson left the band.
  • You could always sit and watch films. I'm sure you have spent so much time playing outside that you forgot what a tv was. We normally go on the kids section of Netflix and pick the first age appropriate film we can find. If I have to hear Frozen one more time I'm going to let it bloody go!
  • Craft. Also known as that one moment you forget that your OCD will kick in when they use more than one colour Playdoh and you find loom bands down the side of every crevice and nook. Also remembering that what mess you make you must tidy.
  • That leads me on to baking. Now that the Great British Bake Off has started you could try your hand at being Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood (or one of the rubbish contestants if you are like me).
  • Dressing up is always really good to do. Until your child is forcing an age 3-4 firemans hat on top on your head and the only fire you really want to put out is the burning sensation on your scalp.
  • And finally, treasure hunts. Also known as that moment in time you can trick your child into searching for one of their toys so you can sit for a moment and drink a cup of tea.

I hope that this has really given you a few ideas for those rubbish raining days! Feel free to share your own ideas too.

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