When I think about back to school I think of uniforms and school bags. So when Debenhams set up an awesome blogger comp with Brummy Mummy of 2 to create a back to school outfit I jumped on the opportunity. I don't necessarily think that uniforms are needed. Especially when children are really young. Max is still in his last year of preschool and I know loads of kids his age who have full on uniforms. Luckily they are allowed to wear what they want as long as they don't mind it getting a bit dirty.

So I have decided to continue that theme and go for the smart casual look. Max is a bit of a rocker so we have gone for a classic mod look mixed with a bit of classy flair. Something that a parent and a teacher would be proud to see in a classroom and playground! Max picked each item himself, he's got the knack from his mum obviously!

Boys Shirt (BlueZoo) - I absolutely adore this shirt. He may have 2 or 3 exactly the same but you can never have too many checked shirts. The amount of dress up and outings we use a checked shirt is unreal. One minute a cowboy next at a christening.

Denim Jeans with Braces (RJR.John Rocha) - There's something adorable about boys in braces and these are no different. Teamed with the shirt they give that impression that he is way older than his years but also cool enough that can get away with anything!

Grey Zip Hoodie (BlueZoo) - The classic hoodie. A grey colour means it goes with any uniform, stains come out easy and it's warm and cosy. I constantly seem to find pine cones and leaves in all of our pockets so these deep ones will allow Max to hide them away for when we do nature crafts.

Black Shoes (Converse) - Who doesn't love a Converse. The great thing about these is that they are black, so go with anything and comfy enough that he could also play sports as well as use them for normal wear. I remember wearing Converse at the end of my school years and feeling like a complete rebel (little did I know that most other kids wore them too!).

In Max's words "Mum I like this outfit because I look really cool like Dougie and Matt from Mcbusted and I can go to school and play lots of music with everyone because I'm a rock star"

(I think he likes it!)


  1. Mmm I'm so going out to buy those trousers with braces for my own boy! Beaut. Love them. Thanks for entering and Good Luck! xxx

  2. Very sweet, I bet he'll be super cosy in this :)