New House! Wishlist 1

So we did it, we finally found a property in Bournemouth that fit our budget and lifestyle. Big rooms and even space for a dining table in the kitchen makes me really excited about moving day. Unfortunately we snapped up the place almost 6 weeks before the current tenants leave so we have a while to wait. For now though I can dream. We don't have a big budget, nor know what we are allowed to do cosmetic wise. Having said that I'm not one for paint. Give me some wall decals and amazing artwork and I'm happier. We have a modest budget to buy some furniture so have been browsing for key pieces. Max has all his furniture it's just everything else!

So first up is the lounge. Grabbing stuff I'm in love with on Pinterest this is a neutral colour scheme and one that Scott actually loves too! It's got a mix of expensive and cheap and sure to fill our room. 


  1. Hurrah! SO glad you have found somewhere you love and that is in budget! I look forward to seeing what you do to the place when you move in!

  2. Yes! So glad you two have found somewhere, congratulations :)

  3. I'm so happy for you guys! VJ x