Some Awesome Threads.

Summer is the time of picnics and BBQ's with family and friends. That's no different for us. Picnics in the park and ice creams by the beach are the favourites for us as we can immerse ourselves in our surroundings and hopefully not get any sand in our strawberries!

This summer House Of Fraser have their Summer BBQ campaign running. To help us kit ourselves and kids out in awesome outfits that are perfect for the summer sun. We had such a blast picking our outfit that we raced out for a family picnic followed by ice cream in Bournemouth Gardens after, absorbing all the fun family things that were going on.

We have always had a tough time finding gorgeous clothes for Max but there is an amazing selection on the House Of Fraser website. We are in love with the gorgeous Scooby Doo top from the new Fabric Flavours brand. It fits in perfectly with Max's obsession with the TV show which has us shouting "yikes! Scooby snacks!" all the time!

The Havaianas are gorgeous. Max is always wearing his uncle Joe's around the house so a pair of his own are perfect for the summer nights. We wore them to the beach and it was brilliant to not have to fully clean all his feet off for his shoes. He's also obsessed with putting them on and taking them off.

Finally we have a gorgeous fleecy jacket from the company over at Burgs. It's so soft and warm so it's great for the evenings when the temperature drops but the conversation and drinks are still flowing. This is a little bit big for Max despite being 3-4 so it will last him a good while through the winter too. 

House Of Fraser are one of our favourite stores. With so many brands under one roof you are spoilt for choice! Thank you so much for these gorgeous clothes, Max adores them!

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