Summer Bucket List Update

This summer we created a summer bucket list of things we wanted to do and achieve. We have been slowly ticking things off our list which is great! There have been a few hiccups but nothing bad. 

Have a family party - We have had 3 birthdays this summer so lots of parties! We have had everything from meals out to BBQ's. It's my cousins birthday this week so we are doing it all over again too!

Book a holiday - Unfortunately this year we weren't picked as Butlin's Ambassadors. That hasn't stopped us booking a last minute Just For Tots week in September before we move. Max has no idea and will be thrilled when he finds out he will be hanging out with Scooby and the Redcoats once again!

Go on a walk - We have been going on walks daily, whether thats just popping to the shops or heading down to the duck pond. Its been great to get fresh air and soak up the sun. Our favourite thing to do is to park in Christchurch and walk down to the quay for some time in the splash park before walking back through town again.

Explore somewhere new - We thought we would surprise Max's best friend and his family by telling them we were moving back. This lead us going on a massive walk to a park that despite living near, we have never been to before. I'm pretty bowled over by how massive and wonderful it is, so looks like this will be our new favourite!

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