Summer In The City Day 1

Last weekend me and Scott chaperoned my cousin and her best friend to Summer In The City, a Youtube festival/convention at Alexandra Palace. I'm not a massive Youtube fan, I merely watch a handful of channels every now and again. The girls on the other hand were squealing at the prospect of being in the same place as some of their favourite stars. 

Alongside all the meet and greets there were a host of talks and panels across different subjects for you to learn and gain insight into various parts of youtube, video making and vlogging. I came away really interested in a few aspects. I'm not the best at sitting in front of a camera so it will probably never happen but a girl can dream! I went to the Booktube talk and learnt loads about book vlogging and a talk about mental health, one that really struck with me especially as I have blogged about my own experiences. 

There was a great host of brands on site that I managed to speak to and learn loads from that I will probably feature over the coming weeks. We also got a great chance at playing new games from Playstation and Disney. 

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