Get Your Skills On With Fruit Shoot

Over summer Robinson's got in contact with us and asked if we wanted a challenge. Of course being that type of family we jumped at the chance and said yes. So we were set the challenge of trying something new and getting out and being active. We were sent a wealth of balls, skipping ropes and Fruit Shoots of course to test out but we knew exactly what we wanted to attempt. Basketball!

You see my brother is amazing at basketball, he's travelled all over the world and played it and currently is one of the best in the county whilst he's at uni. But none of us have played so it only made sense that we asked him for some tips, got a bit of practice in and then had him watch to let us know how great our ballin' skills were. 

Let's just say we all thought we were better than we actually were! Max surprised us by getting the most baskets out of everyone and I was impressed that my co-ordination wasn't as bad as I initially thought. Having said that I didn't get one basket and I felt that the wind wasn't helping me this time! 

It was so nice to get out and try something new and I'm so grateful that my brother was on hand to help us and impress us with his skills (Scott may have scored a sneaky shot against him which made his day and annoyed my brother to no end-haha!). It's now made us look at our routine and see if there are any other skills that we can learn and develop as Max gets older and we grow as a family. It was so good to spend that time together unplugged and refreshed. 

Not to mention the refreshments. After all the playing we had to sit down to bottles of Fruit Shoot, bananas and grapes. Fruit Shoots are great for drinks on the go as their selection is packed with no added sugar and fruit juices that can be part of your 5 a day. The perfect pick me up after a hard time shooting some hoops. 

Thanks Fruit Shoot for the opportunity!

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