Scott's Birthday

So Scott's birthday is this week and despite not having much money I've managed to get him some lovely small gifts to show him how much I love him (ahhhhhh) And Max has picked out some great stuff too! Here's what we got...

  • Wall-E Funko Pop Vinyl: We collect these and this is a perfect addition as Wall-E is Scott's favourite Disney movie! Max picked this one out for him.
  • Writing and Selling Thrillers: Our good friend Lucy Hay write this book and Scott has been banging on about it since the release so I thought I may as well add another screenwriting book to his pile! Hopefully I'll get my money back soon haha.
  • Skulduggery Pleasant: This book is actually signed by the author as he came to my work a few weeks back. He used to be a screenwriter so left a very apt message to get writing inside the book! It's a series of novellas rather than part of the proper Skulduggery collection so this is a great starting point.
  • Pukka Pad: This is Scott's favourite pads for writing on. And he's always writing! So thankfully these are really cheap and are a great add on gift.
  • Seven Year Pen: I got one of these for my mum last year and it's still surviving so I thought it was good enough to get my other obsessive writer in the family!
  • Smartphone Projector: Scott has already got this gift, I got too impatient and couldn't wait to give it to him. He loves it and it works really well. It comes flat packed and you have to make it yourself which gave him hours of fun.

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