Some Time Away

It seems like I took an impromptu bit of time out from blogging. I honestly can't pinpoint why but with the summer holidays, moving house, holidays and everything else it seemed the last thing on my mind. That's fine though as it somehow helped me rekindle my love for photography and writing. So here's a bit of a breakdown with what's been going on.

  • Reading and Spelling: Max has somehow started to work out spellings for the most important things like his name, Mcfly and Fireman Sam. It baffles me how well his language is forming and I can't wait for my him to be reading properly with me and Scott.
  • Packing: We have been packing like crazy. At the end of the month we get the keys to our new flat. To say I'm excited is an understatement. It feels like we have been waiting ages since putting the holding fee down. Roll on the 29th!
  • Holidays!: After a whirlwind summer holidays of splash parks, soft plays and forest visits we managed to book a cheeky week break to Butlins for their Just For Tots week. It's a shame we weren't ambassadors this year but we had such a great time that we can't wait to go back.
  • Crafting: I've been making Max's weight in felt crowns to sell and give away to friends and family. I'm also planning a series of Christmas crafts for the blog and for presents so I can't wait to furnish everything and everyone with homemade goodies!
  • Growing: I think as a family this past year has taken a bit of a toll on us. We've learnt to grow and love what we have. 

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