A New Beginning and some fine art.

So we have finally got internet (hurrah!) It feels like we have been cut off from the world for ages whilst surviving on ropey 3G. But now we are back I will be blogging more than ever. Especially with all this home decorating that I am loving at the moment. 

It's been a hectic few days of settling down, sorting out direct debits and forms and paperwork and unpacking with an energetic three year old running around. We are so grateful that we live really near Max's best friend so we have headed to the park with them a few times to keep ourselves sane. 

One thing I have loved unpacking amongst all the boring bits (who likes unpacking pots and pans!) is the art work we have. We seemed to have amassed an amazing amount from all different small artists and big ones. The three above are from two different artists. One is a lovely friend of mine called Sara, and the other is the ever so famous Oliver Jeffers. 

Some of our other favourite art pieces are the above one by my really good friend Neil Slorance, you've probably seen some of his stuff floating around the internet. He's dead good at what he does and I'm so proud to have amassed an amazing amount of his early stuff and more recent pieces. And finally below is our GORGEOUS piece by Doug Hyde. I spent more on this than I did our new washing machine but it's worth every penny. An investment for our future if you may. And the fact it's called No Girl's Allowed means that the boys love it too!

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  1. Love all your artwork guys! I can't wait to get some stuff up on our walls, hoping our landlord is okay with nails in the walls!!

    hannah bee | australian lifestyle blog