What's In My Bag?

I LOVE these types of posts. I'm a nosy person that loves to see what must have things people carry around and what books people are reading so of course I thought it was more than fair that I showed you what important stuff I carry around in my trusty bag!

  1. Zatchels Satchel in Chestnut - I've had this bag for 2 years now and used it almost daily I'm amazed that not only is it still held together but it also is still in amazing condition.
  2. Cath Kidston Purse - I bought this a couple of years ago in the sale as my purse always falls apart. I'm on the hunt for a new one now as the lining is starting to fray from the ridiculous amount of loyalty cards I have stuffed in there.
  3. Tangle Tamer - This beauty comes with me everywhere. I have really thin and wispy hair so it gets knotted so fast. This is perfect for smoothing out the kinks before work.
  4. Business Cards and Oyster Card - This little pass book is filled with business cards. It's easier to carry around than a box and I can slot my oyster card in there too.
  5. Iphone - I don't think this needs explaining do you?
  6. Black and White Washi - I always have a roll of washi tape in my bag. Normally to help me craft some cute things for work displays but it's also a life saver when I need to put things back together. Our letting agent loved that I had used washi tape to fix something in place (haha!)
  7. Book 1 - I normally have 2 books on me. One I'm nearly done with and one I'm starting next. I never know when I'm going to be stuck somewhere. This book I've just finished and it was AMAZING! I loved it and it was such a quick read.
  8. Book 2 - This one I'm only just starting. It's a mystery that unfortunately isn't out until next year but keep your eyes peeled!
  9. Passport - With moving I'm always having to show proof of identity for lots of different reasons for changing addresses. This means my passport is now firmly tucked into my bag for the time being.
  10. Nurofen - I never know when a migraine will strike. These seem to be the best things to dull the pain a bit before I can get my actual medication.
  11. Jessie Pop! Vinyl Figure - I always need something for Max to play with and he loves playing with our Pop! Figures that I have started to buy him some of his own.

So what do you have tucked away in your bag?

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  1. Love that you carry two books around! Need you to recommend me some gooduns soon

    hannah bee | australian lifestyle blog