A Hotter Shoe Shop.

I love nothing better than a good shop. It's pretty tricky to go on my own without Max, so when I was invited to a shoe shopping event at Hotter Shoes I would have been stupid to say no!

I've never actually been into Hotter shoes. I normally stick to my trusty Dr Martens or Vans. But they aren't girly, they aren't smart and lets face it, they aren't the comfiest at times! I've always walked past the shop and never gone in, mainly because it looks way too expensive for me and I'm a grubby graduate with way too many bills!

When I got to the store it was so warm and welcoming. Sofas and comfy chairs lined the place and a single shoe of each design were out. It meant that you had to talk to a sales assistant who could help you with your purchase. They seemed to know every design back to front and really helped me find the right thing for me. I wanted something without a heel but with so much comfort that they felt like slippers.

I knew I wanted a boot. I've never had some proper nice boots and I had a few in my mind from browsing the website. Unfortunately a few of them didn't fit properly due to insteps and fat feet but I eventually found my pair. The ones that fitted like a glove and felt heavenly to walk in. 

The great thing about Hotter shoes is they have so much technology in them that you feel like you are walking on clouds. From rigid rubber soles to cushion soft insoles, each pair is crafted with such loving care that you feel like your investment is worth it. Also knowing that they are made in a UK factory is even better as you know you are helping the country too!

Hotter have created such a stylish range of shoes that you could be mistaken that you were somewhere like ASOS or Topshop. They have great fashion advisors that help work out the best colour and style trends so they can create some amazing shoes. Note: It's not just slippers for your grandma!

I had such an amazing time at the event that I will most definitely be treating myself to another pair of shoes, or maybe one of their lush bags! I'll pop a proper review/fashion post of my shoes when the weather is a bit better but for now check out my beauties!

Note: I received a free pair of shoes when I attended the event. All views are my own. 

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