Craft Fun

I hate painting with Max. It's one of those things that really bugs me as I know he loves it but when I think of the mess and the meltdowns I normally just throw him in the bath with some washable paints. After much pestering though I decided that we should do some crafts. That painting could work now we had laminate in the kitchen, and if I put enough sheeting down that Dexter Morgan could be proud then it might just work.

Until I realised we didn't have a paintbrush to paint these adorable cardboard letters I had got him. In the midst of the move we had left a few odd things behind and a paintbrush was one of them! So I thought I would improvise by using different materials to make different textures and patterns. 

Let's just say that Max LOVED it. He fully immersed himself in blobbing and swirling and mixing that all of the jars had now turned a funny shade of brown and the cardboard letters we had were covered from front to back. It turned out better than I thought. Having said that he did paint the letters about an inch thick in paint so 3 days later they were still drying!

Maybe this craft thing isn't so bad after all!

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