Frame Again Photo Frames

There's a new company about town and I LOVE them! Frame Again are a great British company providing awesome framed images for those that want something a bit different to the norm. 

Their website is easy to work your way around. Firstly you upload your image to the site, either from your phone, instagram or computer. Then you choose the frame colours. This is the best bit. It allows you full creative control to create a frame that fits the image perfectly.   

Despite being a photographer I hardly have any photos up in my new place. I find that most places have horrible print quality. Frame Again provide you with prints that are of great quality. I'm so impressed with my prints. 

I chose to go with a great one of Max in his Max outfit with complementing yellow ring, whilst the other was taken at the aquarium so I wanted to use a great bright blue. They arrived within 48 hours of ordering and were packaged securely in some great frame again wrapping. 

What I didn't realise until I got them was that they have magnets inside so that they can attach together and create a wall of images almost in amazing frames. This is great as it means that I don't have to hang them on the walls and they are sturdy enough to stand on the side. They do however have a normal fitting at the back to hang on a wall, but who really wants to do that?!

I absolutely love these images. I'm constantly moving them around at the moment as I can't decide where I want them to go. The fact they are so personal to us makes them so much more special. I can't wait to decide what to add next!

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