2014 in review

2014 has been an eventful year. One that has had it's fair share of ups and down but a year that we needed to happen. 

We found ourselves living with my mum, stuck in a rut and not too sure of what we were doing. Our hearts said to run away to Scotland but our heads said that we couldn't make that happen without jobs and money. 

Scott moved departments at work and is finally in a place he feels happy and comfortable. I went through hell at work and finally realised I was putting way too much into it. 

Max learnt so much in a year that I can hardly believe only a year has passed. He's grown into such a rockstar. Going to gigs, festivals and hanging out with big stars (mcbusted and the blackout to name a few.)

I pushed my blog forward. Working with brands I could only dream of and really finding myself after going to britmums live. 

I also said goodbye to some wonderful people (that includes you Hannah!) and said hello to amazing ones (Helen, Emma, Jeni, Sarah, Bex to name a few!)

2014 had it's moments of sadness but moving back to Bournemouth has really helped put a perspective on our future. We know what we want to do. When we want to do it and are more determined than ever. 

So here's to 2015. A year of growing up, learning and new experiences. 

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  1. Hope you have an amazing 2015 and you, Scott and Max manage to achieve everything that you want to achieve :) x