Next is one of our favourite places to shop. We love the quality and price of their clothing and we have a few luxuries from their home department. So what better way to embrace our love than to create a Next Christmas Wishlist. I've included something for all of us as the boys would have felt left out otherwise!

For Me
I absolutely love these boots. I've got a thing about winter boots at the moment and the small touches on this are gorgeous. Also what winter isn't all about something warm and cosy? I picked the cape and the pyjamas as they are so different but fit the bill in keeping me toasty this holiday season. Finally I selected the black watch. I'm not the biggest fan of watches but this one seems to be delicate but understated.

Western Boots
Abstract Cape
Leather Strap Watch
Slogan Pyjamas

For Him
Scott is a MASSIVE Batman fan, so I chose this top for him as it covers the logos across the decades. It fuels his inner geek without having to proclaim it to the world. I also chose him the gorgeous tan boots. He's not one for wearing boots much but these look a lot like trainers which means that he loves them!

Batman Tshirt
Tan Shoe

For Max
Max loves anything Elf at the moment. We have our own Buddy sat in the tree! So this jumper is the perfect thing for him. I've been trying to hunt down a quality leather jacket for him to wear seeing as he is a bit of a rockstar. The chelsea boots are a great twist on normal boots and would keep his feet warm and toasty in the winter.

Elf Jumper
Leather Jacket
Chelsea Boot

The Dream
Well a girl can dream can't she? I'm desperately wanting a sofa bed for our place and a bit obsessed with grey at the moment. This is perfect and fits in great with what we have so far in our new place!

Michigan Sofabed

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