Robin Hood - Lighthouse Poole

Who doesn't love a bit of theatre? We are a bit of a theatre obsessed family, having been involved with it someway or another for as long as we can remember, so it is great to pop and see something awesome! 

This year, Poole Lighthouse are showing the spectacular Robin Hood as their family panto and it doesn't disappoint. We were invited along to their press night to see how dazzling this show really was. 

We honestly weren't really in the mood for a panto, I was down in the dumps over work, Scott was full of cold and Max was frankly overtired and a bit cranky. As soon as the curtains came up that completely changed though. We couldn't have asked for a better show to get us in the festive spirit. 

The show is written and directed by Tom Bright, who also stars as Friar Tuck. The character that had us all crying with laughter with his pork pie obsessions and cross-dressing antics! It's a really well written show. One that allows room for the stars to laugh on stage as well as the audience, for improv where it's needed and things that the kids love to get involved with. Max was incredibly fond of shouting "BOOOO! GET OFF THE STAGE BADDIE".

Talking of bad guys, the evil Sheriff of Nottingham was played by the wonderful Patrick O'Kane. A theatrically trained actor who put his all into this role. You could tell there were elements of a Shakespearean villain channeling through his performance that made it something really special. My favourite part was his character falling in love with Friar Tucks female alter ego. There was definitely a spark between those two. 

The female cast members really shone amongst the famous faces in their own right. An amazing vocal range from Alicia Woodhouse as Maid Marion and superb dancing from Stephanie Walker as Fairy Mary. Alongside that the guys playing Bill and Ben (Neil Smye and Dan Looney) made Max fall about laughing (especially when a pair of pink pants were involved!) and it really reminded us that local talent is rife and strong.

Finally we can't forget Robin Hood himself! Did you know he looks like Ed Petrie from CBBC? Max was cheering him on the whole way through and he kept the audience wanting him to beat the evil Sheriff. 

I've always said that the formula for the perfect panto is a good helping of boos, cheers and the cast laughing at themselves. This was spot on. It was so good to see the great relationships that had formed on stage and they weren't afraid to adlib and have fun. I mean that's what a panto is all about!

Thank you so much Lighthouse for putting us in the holiday spirit, we definitely feel festive now. 

Robin Hood is running at the Lighthouse until the 4th January, don't miss out!

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