Scott's Xmas Gifts

Scott is a hard man to buy for. Not only does he only want expensive electronics or smellies, they are either too expensive or boring. Luckily this year I have found him some amazing gifts with no technology in sight!

  • Stay Puft Pop! Vinyl Figure - Scott has been desperate for this to add to our collection of ever growing pop figures. This is oversized and stands at 6 inches and is oh so cute!
  • Baymax Pop! Vinyl Figure - Same goes for this one, except this is the glow in the dark edition.
  • Cards Against Humanity - We've been after this game for ages and I finally caved and bought it for him. 
  • Scattergories - Each year I buy Scott a board game. This one is no different. Scattergories is a great game that requires a lot of quick thinking.
  • Beer Bods Subscription - This is a weekly beer subscription box. Each week they have a different beer to sample with a fact sheet. I got him a 12 week gift subscription!
What did you get the men in your life?

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