The Book With No Pictures - B.J Novak

Have you ever picked up a book and realised it's one of the most fantastic books you have ever read? I mean that hardly happens but when you do, its okay to shout from the rooftops and buy for everyone you know. And that's exactly what happened when this book fell into our laps a few weeks ago. 

There's a bit of hype going on around this book. It's a picture book. But not. I mean there isn't even any pictures in it, so how will a kid even like it? 

Well with every book, everything that is written down the person reading has to say. No matter what. So when you get words like BLORK and BADOINGY FACE they have to be read. 

This is our favourite book of the year. Something that I never thought I would have said when I have such an obsession with Oliver Jeffers, but it's true!

Max finds this book hilarious. Laughing each time we read him it (three times a night) and shouting the words in the right places. A firm favourite and classic for the future. 

Watch this video to find out how good it really is. 

Thanks Puffin for the book.

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