Friday Reads: Apple Tart Of Hope - Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Being a bookseller means that I plough through books at an alarming rate. I also read anything and everything. So I've decided to share some of my favourite reads each week. Something new for you to dig into. 

Apple Tart Of Hope - Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

"Oscar Dunleavy, who used to make the world's most perfect apple tarts, is missing, presumed dead. No one seems too surprised, except for Meg, his best friend, and his little brother Stevie"

There is something spectacular about biting into a perfect apple tart. Something brings that wash of calm over you and you forget your worries. That's why Oscar started to make them, to help everyone else forget their worries. But what about his own? 

Based around Oscar, his best friend Meg (who moves to New Zeland for 6 months) and Oscars little brother Stevie. This is a book all about growing up and being honest. 

This book is superbly written. It's an amazing insight into teenage mental health, how in this day and age, life is so much more overwhelming for teenagers. 

Through this tale you find out what drove Oscar to feel as low as what he did, why Meg felt so torn over the fact she had to move away and the toxic people that stood in their way to ruin not only a friendship but also lives. 

Written in a split person narrative, Oscar and Meg. This book is so refreshing for a teen book. A tale that despite the fact I read it in one sitting, didn't leave me wanting more or feeling like I had missed out on something. It concluded so perfectly that it didn't need any more than the 194 pages it had. 

A gorgeous and gentle novel. One that will leave your heart full at the end and your stomach yearning for an apple tart too! 

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