I'm going to put my hands up. I haven't read all of the Harry Potter books. Yes I know I'm a bookseller, but they just lost my interest when I saw the amazing array of YA books that were out there in the world. But I push past that, I know the story, I know the kids still love it and I know it's got some hardcore fans! Thats why, when I heard all about #HarryPotterBookNight and the amazing things Bloomsbury wanted to do, that we had to do something at my store. 

I didn't actually get handed the planning pack until a week before the event so it was fairly rushed, so unfortunately we didn't draw a massive crowd. But it taught me alot about Harry Potter and what to do for next year. 

Let it be known that 5th Feb from now on is #HarryPotterBookNight!

This year the best thing that I made, amongst a quidditch game and a N.E.W.T.S exam table was a "Have You Seen This Wizard?" poster that the kid's could pose behind. It seemed to go down a treat and we kept it up for the whole weekend too!

 It was fairly easy to make, a giant cardboard box cut up into a photo frame with a craft knife. I then mixed some white and brown paint to make a old newspaper colour. A few coats of this overnight left it with a great coverage.

I then scoured the internet to find a suitable font (let me tell you this took hours!) and then printed out the text that was going to be written. I did attempt to write it straight onto the board but after a long day at work I thought it would be safer to cut out the letters and stick onto the board. Unfortunately it then looked really stark with the white against the cream. Then I had a brainwave! I tea stained the whole of the board and managed to merge them together well.

Then all that was left to do was hang and wait for the kid's to turn up. First of all was my gorgeous colleague Michelle thought, dressed amazingly as Bellatrix! Did you do a Harry Potter Book Night?

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  1. We went to a Harry Potter book night once. Midnight at Asda, there were so many people there. More than in the daytime! i'm not a big fan so it was a fun experience to see everyone excited about the books :) x