Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2015 - Illustrated Books.

Working in a bookshop means I get to dive into some amazing titles, discover new authors and try something new. You are never too old to read kid's books. There is something magical about opening the pages to a world you are yet to discover and kid's books are amazing at creating something visually stunning.

Over the next few weeks I'm going to review all the books that have been shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize. I'll be talking about the beautiful illustrated books, magical kid's books and stunning teen fiction that's been hand picked for this great prize.

First up is illustrated books, a section I love as they capture Max's imagination in so few pages.

Atlas Of Adventure 
Not your conventional picture book, this gigantic hardback is a book of luxury. An story that travels across the globe picking out real life adventure and wonder that you can explore from the comfort of your own home. Ever thought of seeing the Northern Lights? This amazingly descriptive book makes you feel like you are actually there! A coffee table book for everyone from 4 to 94.

Where Bear?

The tale of a bear and his friend growing up together. Unfortunately though, bear's do grow rather big so he should probably find somewhere else to stay. Only thing is that where should a bear go? With illustrations that remind me of Jon Klassen and Oliver Jeffers, this book is one that is going to become an all time classic.

The Sea Tiger

The Sea Tiger is a wonderful tale about friendship in the sea. The illustrations make you feel like you are flicking through movie stils or a graphic novel. Each page has new wonders that show you the true meaning of enjoying life and friendships. There is something so wonderful in this tale that means any age can read it and fall in love.

The Queen's Hat

This is a hilarious tale, and artistically beautiful. One that follows the unfortunate misfortune of the Queen's hat blowing away. Of course all the Queen's guards are on hand to run and try and catch the hat but it flys past all the London landmarks at such speed that we wonder if she will ever get it back! This is a great British book!

The Dawn Chorus

This is a wonderful story about Peep, a bird that is desperate to join in with the dawn chorus and their magical music. Unfortunately he can't find his place with the group, but it's got a great moral behind it about finding yourself and being true to you. The illustrations are timeless and one that will become a classic in no time.

Blown Away

This is definitely a favourite in our home, a cheeky tale of a story of a little penguin that just wants to fly his kite. Unfortunately things go a bit wrong and they fly away, meeting some others along the way. The illustrations are gorgeous and bright with some wonderful characters, including a Polar Bear named Clive!

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