Waterstones Children's Book Prize: 5-12 Books

If you missed last week's post I spoke about the Picture Books category of the WCBP. Today I will be reviewing the books in the 5-12 category. One that actually had some wonderful titles!

Girl With A White Dog

I was apprehensive coming to this book. It sounded a lot like a Morpurgo book and let's face it he's a wonderful author. But I was so blown away by it. The story of two girls, their grandmothers and the second world war, it reflects on history, growing up and relationships. A real thought provoking book that I'm pretty sure most kids should read at least once.

Boy In The Tower

I adored this book. It felt like a mixture of Attack The Block and a family drama. Ade lives in a tower block with his mum, who doesn't like to leave the home. But when the block starts crumbling he has to make the choice, leave with the others or stay with his mum. It's an amazing insight for kids to read about adults with mental health issues but also has enough sci-fi and fun to not make it too serious.


Cowgirl was definitely one of my favourites. One where you should definitely not judge a book by it's cover. It's based in a small town, one with a housing estate and farms. When Gemma and Kate join forces to help herd Kate's cows somewhere safe it's a magical tale of communities coming together. One that's definitely for girls that like Jacqueline Wilson but are a bit fed up with her formula of story telling.

Murder Most Unladylike

The first in a brilliant series. Meet Daisy and Hazel, two young girls living in a boarding school. You might think I'm writing about Enid Blyton but infact at Deepdean school there has been a murder and it's up to our two budding detectives to solve the case. Think Nancy Drew but with some tea and cake when it's all over! I adored this book and absorbed the second one as soon as it was released!

Violet and the Pearl of the Orient

Another detective tale! Violet is a budding Sherlock Holmes and when her famous friend is burgled it's up to her to solve the case. Jam packed full of wonderful and quirky characters you are constantly guessing the whole way through whom the sinister thief could be. A fun and light hearted book full of wonderful illustrations. Perfect introduction to the world of crime and detectives.

A Boy Called Hope

Dan Hope is a dreamer. His biggest dream however? That his dad will come home and love him. He sits and watches him daily on TV but hasn't seen him properly for over 4 years. Which is why he decides to take matters into his own hands and try and make his dad notice him. Cue lots of mishaps and problems, but ultimately this heartwarming tale is one of family lost and found and most of all hope. I loved this book, so much so that I've read it countless times and recommended it to so many people.

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