What we did during Half Term

Half term is like any normal week for us. Max is still at preschool (he attends a private one that runs through holidays) and we are still working. But that doesn't mean we don't like to join in with all the other activities that are happening for half term in our area.

First we headed over to the Bournemouth Natural Science Society as they had an open day in conjunction with my old university. There were an array of kid's activities and things to do (including holding an owl! Max had a hoot!) but I don't think they expected it to be as busy as what it was, it was so jam packed that we could hardly move and actually found we missed lots of bits to do and see. It's somewhere that I didn't know existed so will certainly pop back if there is another open day as there were so many interesting things. 

We headed to the cinema! Half term is a great time to introduce your little ones to the cinema and we normally head down to one of the kid's showings. Our local Odeon and Empire both do regular kids screenings for £2.50 a ticket. We managed to see Penguins of Madagascar and Max absolutely loved it! He was laughing with glee and couldn't keep his eyes off the screen. For the price of the ticket we don't mind if there is a bit of noise or some disturbance as you know you aren't paying an arm and a leg but you are still getting that classic cinema experience. 

Finally, amongst all the trips to the park and the Oceanarium, we ventured to Lemur Landings, our favourite soft play. To say it was busy was an understatement. But we really didn't expect less on a raining half term day to be honest. It was fab to catch up with Max's best mate Kayden and his family, they are 100% lifelong friends of ours now! Of course with all soft play you find yourself worn out and tired so the kids collapsed on the sofas and gave the new Robinson's Fruit Shoots a try. They have released a gorgeous Peach and Mango flavour that I can say is totally divine! As always they contain no added sugar or artificial colours meaning they are a great pick me up for thirsty kids, and our boys totally were.

What did you get up to this half term?

*Note: We were sent some Fruit Shoot but all opinions are our own. 

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