Beanies Flavoured Coffee Review

I think a rite of passage for any parent is that moment you realise coffee or anything else caffeine based is your lifeline. I can definitely vouch for this family when we say that Scott can't function in the morning without a cup of the good stuff. That's why when we were offered some Beanies flavoured coffee to review he didn't need to be asked twice! So from here on the post is his, hope you enjoy it.

For those of you who are loyal fans of Maxandmummy blog, you will remember me as the writer of the FriDad posts that I abandoned like an old piece of gum whilst running towards the playground of…well, anonymity. If you’re unfamiliar with me, I’m the less busy half of the relationship.

To make you aware, I'm a coffee person. Every day is started almost definitely with coffee. I’m not a coffee snob, I enjoy my coffee, but I won't wait for my brew. I never get to enjoy great quality coffee, so when I was dropped this box of coffee on my lap by Laura (not a coffee drinker).

First impressions, I couldn't wait to give these flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate, Hazelnut and Amaretto. The package is simple, so I appreciated the surprised I would come across when eventually trying these instant coffees.

Hazelnut: Now. Here is where I tell you something that is true…no lies. This is one of the best flavours I’ve ever had of a coffee. This flavour made a strong resemblance to hazelnut, but blended with the coffee gives an experience that snuggles the taste buds and kicks in the endorphins. I highly recommend you give this one a go, it’s nearly too good to share, but spread the word it’s fantastic.

Vanilla: Maybe the most mellow of the flavours. It gently hits the palate and isn’t strong. I’d say this goes well for someone who isn’t a strong coffee lover. I always drink my coffee with milk and two sugars (coffee keyboard warriors brace yourselves) so I don’t replicate the barista experience. However, I have had a great coffee using vanilla syrup. It wasn’t my favourite, but it was calming. I actually relaxed and perked for my day.

Amaretto: I had a good chance to laugh with my mum saying that an alcoholic will enjoy this flavour no doubt. I’m not a fan of Amaretto, so I only have a biased opinion of the flavour. So, what did I do to get a good opinion? I gave my mum a cup on her visit. Her verdict remains to be that it is similar to amaretto alcohol, no resemblance to alcohol, nor coffee shop. This coffee was confirmed as a pleasurable jar based coffee.

Chocolate: This one is quite surprising. It may be the better seller of the group for this reason, it almost acts as a mocha. The texture of the coffee isn’t different, nor is the consistency thicker. It is much like an Americano from a coffee shop; however the flavour is richer and stronger on the chocolate side. I enjoyed it, not really because it’s chocolate, but because it’s so similar to a mocha experience.

In conclusion, I think this company got it very right. It’s not designed to act like a coffee shop coffee, so don’t expect that. However, this brand knows exactly how to blend the flavours into coffee to give a unique experience that would make any coffee drinker joyful and only two calories a cup. A brilliant coffee with a difference.