Being a kid is tough.

Look at you my sweet little boy, I know you think that life is tough for you. That when I say no to sweets it's the end of the world and when you want to stay up late you think you are missing things.But Max my child, you aren't missing fun things, merely washing and tidying. Mum and Dad working out the plan of action for the next day. A day of learning, fun and new experiences.

You are so little yet so big, a child that has grown in front of our eyes from a baby to a boy in the blink of an eye. Our nights of co-sleeping and night feeds have turned into morning cuddles and night time songs. 

You are grasping your own ideas on the big wide world, learning about right and wrong and forgiving and loving. Learning how people can look different but we all have the same heart. That best friends are ones you hold close and you know you can count on your family to be there when you've grazed your knee. 

You have so much love in that heart of yours that is about to burst, you want to embrace and love everyone and everything you meet. You are full of questions and want to know why things happen and how things work. That brain is constantly whirring on overdrive trying to cram in all of the things you hear around you. 

Being a kid is tough. You don't know why things happen and why you have to do things you might not necessarily want to do. Things can seem overwhelming for you but you have your loved ones there to help guide you. It might be tough, but kid you are one tough cookie. 

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