Friday Reads: Blown Away - Rob Biddulph

Many of you have been following my reviews of the shortlist for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize and last night was the very grand award ceremony. The overall winner of the awards was the gorgeous picture book "Blown Away" by Rob Biddulph.
Blue is a penguin who has a new kite, he decides that one windy day he should take it on a maiden flight. Unfortunately things go a bit wrong and he ends up flying across the land and sea, picking up friends on the way, until he ends up in the jungle. Of course the jungle is no place for a penguin so how can they get home?

This book is an amazing rhyming tale, one the kids will love that cover everything from counting to animals and places. Not to mention the GORGEOUS illustrations. Seriously I want to cover my walls in this gorgeous book (is that allowed? haha) as the pictures are so wonderful. 

I'm so pleased that this was picked to win the overall prize, it's one that we have been loving since the day it dropped in my lap about 6 months ago. Congratulations Rob! Can't wait for book 2. 

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